CAE 005: Derek Loudermilk of The Art of Adventure Podcast


Derek Loudermilk shares his secrets behind The Art of Adventure

In today’s episode, Derek Loudermilk, creator and host of The Art of Adventure, shares with us his journey from virus-discovering scientist to Podcaster and Entrepreneur. He explains how he left the US to start a new life in South East Asia and set out on achieving his dream of starting his business dedicated to inspiring others to live an adventurous life.

We get into all of the juicy topics from what it takes to build and run a successful podcast, what his financial situation looks like and how Derek works to find balance in his life.

Derek also offers a vast array of great learning tools that will improve your skills as a podcaster and build you into a better leader and business owner.

This is a must-hear podcast for anyone looking to start a podcast or live a more adventurous life!

Twitter: @DerekLoudermilk

Instagram: @DerekLoudermilk

Key Learnings From Today’s Episode:

  • How to start a podcast
  • How to set yourself up for financial success when starting out
  • Ways to monetize your podcast business
  • Valuable resources for learning all you need to know

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