This is Cause An Effekt – The podcast that brings you game-changers and their stories of disruption. Each week on the show, we’ll sit down with a new disruptive entrepreneur and reveal what it took for them to build their business – everything from how they overcame psychological barriers, to how much it cost them to develop their first prototype. We’ll ask the personal questions that we all think about but never have the guts to ask. And it’s all to help you create your own disruptive business that changes the way we live.

Our mission is to educate and empower inspired leaders and game-changing entrepreneurs, providing the skills and confidence to create their disruptions.

Inside every individual is a desire to have a positive effect on the world in which we live. We seek to eliminate the barriers to having that effect. We envision a world where our limits are defined only by imagination and courage.


The podcast was originally conceived with the desire help aspiring disruptive entrepreneurs to cut through all of the clutter and figure out the vital elements of success. During the month before we launched, I interviewed almost a dozen incredible entrepreneurs about how they started their businesses that are making a positive impact on the lives of so many.

What I came to realize in these conversations, some self reflection and a little research, is that the fastest way to drive change (which we hope is positive) is to create a true disruptive innovation – one that really forces us to stop and think about how we’ve been doing something all along, completely change that behavior or mindset and shift to doing things totally differently.

As a business consultant, my clients has one thing in common – they seek to make their mission – their “effect” – a viable reality.

Over time I noticed that a large portion of the entrepreneurs I worked with were smart and passionate, yet lacked some key foundational business skills they would need to quickly attain if they were going to keep their businesses sustainable.

But not everyone is in a position to hire a consultant. My hope is that through these interviews with individuals that have been where you now are, you’ll be able to gather (mostly) everything you need to shake things up and positively impact people and planet.

We need you and your big lofty ideas. We’re here to support that. 


Change is good. Change is vital. In fact, the only constant in life is change.

Change ain’t easy. People like to keep doing what they know. Therefore disrupters must make people uncomfortable.

Effects don’t need to be giant lofty goals that will save the world in one fell swoop. Often the most profound changes can be found in small, humble places.

We’re not talking exclusively about non-profits here. We’re talking about any business or initiative that has a desire to do something better, make something more beneficial or change the way we think about something.

There is no shame in making dollars. Money keeps the lights on.

This is not a contest. It’s a collaboration.