CAE 009: How Fashion Can Change Lives with Jane Mosbacher Morris

Jane Mosbacher Morris on How Ethically-Sourced Fashion Can Alleviate Poverty and Violence Against Women

While working in counter-terrorism in the US State Department, Founder Jane Mosbacher Morris learned how a lack of access to the smallest amount of money disempowers the most vulnerable women. On a trip to Bangladesh to work with anti-sex trafficking organization, she discovered how providing access to a market and an income is a major solution to violence against women and poverty and the many disturbing issues that plague socially and economically excluded women.

She created To The Market in 2013 and works with women’s coops around the world to source survivor-made goods for the retail and wholesale market. In this interview, Jane tells us how she took her experience in humanitarian work with her new and ever-growing retail knowledge to change the way retailers source components and finished goods for the international marketplace. Her vision is for ethical products to become just as ubiquitous as eco-products. It’s possible and she’s working on the front lines to build a business that supports the growth of other businesses across the planet.

Jane also sheds light on the psychological struggles that any entrepreneur looking to make a disruption will experience and how she copes with the bumps in the road and embraces failure.

If you haven’t finished your holiday shopping yet, listen to this episode and hop on over to To The Market and find something beautiful and meaningful for loved ones on your list!


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Key Learnings From This Episode:

  • Why market access for women is so vital
  • How to jump from the public to private sector and completely change industries
  • Why the kindness of strangers can get you very far
  • How a DVF wrap-dress can change the lives of women survivors
  • Why the little naysayer in your head is normal and how to silence it

Links And Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

About Jane 

Jane Mosbacher Morris is the Founder and CEO of To The Market. She previously served as the Director of Humanitarian Action for the McCain Institute for International Leadership, where she managed the Institute’s anti-human trafficking program. She currently serves on the Institute’s Human Trafficking Advisory Council. Prior to joining the Institute, she worked in the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Counterterrorism and in the Secretary’s Office of Global Women’s Issues. Jane serves on the Advisory Boards of the Afghanistan’s ARZU: Studio of Hope, Women LEAD, and USA Cares. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service from Georgetown University and a MBA from Columbia Business School.

About To The Market

To The Market combines the powers of commerce and storytelling to empower the world’s most courageous survivor populations, in the belief that resilience is more powerful than suffering. TTM showcases handmade goods made exclusively by proud and passionate artisans who have overcome the perils of abuse, conflict, and disease. By assisting local partners around the world in bringing these goods “to the market,” we take an active role in equipping the survivors they employ with economic independence, while raising awareness of the challenges that they face.

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