CAE 011: What Occupy Wall Street Did For Our Future

Without a Clear Mission, Your Movement (and Business) Is Doomed

This week’s episode features Foo Conner – Photo-journalist, social activist and one of the original organizers of Occupy Wall Street. Wherever there is civil unrest in the US, Foo is there documenting it. I brought Foo on the show to outline what it takes to create a disruptive social movement. I was also personally curious about what happened with Occupy Wall Street and what it did to change our world today. Foo doesn’t disappoint and in this interview you’ll get the details on the major successes, where the movement went wrong and the ripple effect it’s had on giving voice to the voiceless around the world.

And when you chat with a social activist, things can get pretty deep. We talk about how social media has changed the activism landscape, bringing things from underground to online. We address the larger issue of civil liberties and how technology is dramatically changing what that means and the actions needed to hang onto our privacy (or to let it go).

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Key Learnings From This Episode:

  • How to build a global social movement online and offline
  • Why we can thank #OccupyWallstreet for our new culture of accountability
  • Why having Kanye show up unannounced is not always a cool thing
  • Why a solid mission statement is integral to any organization or project
  • How a truckload of Snuggies transitioned #OccupyWallstreet to #OccupySandy
  • How a social movement is much like a startup
  • Asking the question, is the end of privacy upon us?

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